Per Håkan Linus Persson


Project: Bucket and scoop (Sandbox Project)
Team: Individual
Timeframe: 2 days 2010
Toolkit: Metalworking, Woodworking


As the new sauna was to be inaugurated. Something was missing, and since the sauna was built by our hands, I figured plastic or purchased would not do. We needed a real bucket and scoop for tossing water on the hot stones. And so I decided to make my first ever metal bucket. A process as exciting as frustrating. The scoop however was quick since I have made a few.



The 50/50 intentional/unintentional design looks like something that came out of a barn in the 1700′s. But It has it’s charm and still holds water to this day.


Building benches for the relaxation part of the sauna was pretty much straight forward.



The door from the outside of the newly renovated sauna. Our logo shown in the foreground. If you ever stop by UID, be sure to visit.

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Individual Project

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