Per Håkan Linus Persson


Project: Outdoor learning: Pedagogical tools in cooperation with Nature school
Team: Individual
Timeframe: 4 weeks 2008



Nature school is an initiative in Swedish schools that uses an outdoor pedagogy. The goal of this project was to look at tools for teaching and learning math in an outdoor environment. The exploration wand is a tool for 7-10 year olds used in education for exploration and developing an understanding and relationship to abstract mathematical terms such as longer or heavier than.

In cooperation with Umeå Nature School ; 4 weeks 2008

Teacher showing kids a picture in the woods


Tactility and cooperation
The tool has no numbers, the cuts are positioned centimeters apart, these grooves creates a tactile value and can even be used to run the edge against an edge to create sound. The fixed dimensions of the wand also allows for play and cooperation between children.

Measurements are divided into quarters and even increments enabling cooperation.


Low impact tools
The concept builds upon existing processes in school as the child makes their own tool in wood-shop class based on simple blueprints. The tool is designed in such a way that only basic tools are needed in construction. Besides mathematics, this gives the kids a value of craftsmanship and makes the exploration wand a sustainable tool.


The exploration wand is just as much a tool for teachers as it is for the kids.

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Individual Project

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