Per Håkan Linus Persson


Project: City Move Interdesign
Team: International Multidisciplinary Teams
Timeframe: 4 weeks 2008 + 2 weeks 2009 + occasional lecture.


Citymove raised local as well as global perspectives regarding people and entire societies that have to relocate.


Excerpt from the Citymove page.

An Icsid Interdesign is a two-week workshop where an international team of work collaboratively on a predetermined issue of regional and/or international significance.

In the northern part of Sweden the mining industry continues to expand and, in certain areas, the ground is crumbling under entire cities. This poses enormous challenges to the survival of such cities and may force their populations to relocate. However, is it possible to relocate whilst safeguarding and transferring parts of, or entire societies? How can this be done effectively? How can we use modern design methods to meet these challenges? This is the challenge set for the Interdesign Workshop, City Move Interdesign.

Some of the questions the City Move Interdesign aims to address:

  • How can the needs of people be addressed and explored when moving from one place to another and how can the people be involved in the development of solutions?
  • How can both old and new physical conditions be used in the best way to influence the planning of a new society?
  • How can sustainable factors contribute to a new and better environment for the inhabitants than the one they are leaving?
  • What are some of the best ways to spread the knowledge and experience learnt from this project to other people and organisations around the world?

    PART ONE – Assembling a pre-study as foundation for the main Interdesign.



    The pre-study was carried out living in Gällivare in a multidisciplinary team of 6 during 4 weeks in 2008.

    Link to: The Pre-Study

    Link to: The Pre Concept Studio


    PART TWO – A member of an international team during the 2009 Interdesign.



    Read more and see some of the results at the Citymove website.

    Besides my participation throughout the project, I’m occasionally invited as a guest lecturer at universities on Citymove and a designers role in these types of projects. Lectures that often generate interesting conversations on multidisciplinary team work within design.

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