Per Håkan Linus Persson


Project: Airgo ; Glueing walls with less injuries
Team: Team Effort, Hot teams school project
Timeframe: 4 weeks 2009
Toolkit: Research, CAD, Modelling, Prototyping



Wall sheets have been screwed for a long time, an arduous task that requires a lot of preparation afterwards to make the surface smooth. A promising alternative is to glue them, something that leaves the surface smooth and helps sound insulation. The focus in this project was on the tools for distributing this glue. Current tools were short and often converted drill type machines. The worker had to continually crouch and stand and hold a front heavy, uneven weight distribution of 3-4kg. This put a lot of strain on wrist and back. As a result many developed permanent injuries after only a few years.

Airgo suggests how this glue could be distributed with equal precision and less strain, in an environment that is hectic, messy and sometimes dangerous.


  • Hands on idea generation is sometimes a crucial way to understand ergonomics and weight
  • A large amount of alternative weight distributions and ideas was considered
  • Together with working professionals it was possible to have a valuable exchange of ideas
  • A low tech way of figuring out how much weight was required to push glue
  • Different nozzles and hoses helped estimate what was plausible
  • The Team undergoing light therapy








With a weight of around 2.5-3kg it is 1-1.5kg lighter than previous tools.

The new design has a better range and a lighter more even weight distribution as the center of gravity is focused within the grip area. This creates less physical strain and hopefully allows more people to continue working without injury.




Airgo uses compressed air to drive the glue through the nozzle at the top. A hole in the rubberised bottom grip allows for re-filling of air. The nozzle is designed to sit and follow along standard measurement wall rails making it steadier to glue straight lines along the narrow surface.

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Team Effort

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