Per Håkan Linus Persson


Working at Apple and learning how to do triathlons!

Seems like that would be California sun.

A book;
Sick Puppy – Carl Hiaasen
Antifragile – Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Interaction Designer with a focus on physical prototyping and a keen interest in haptics, long distance hill running and mountain orienteering.

Skype: persson.linus

An interest of mine is orienteering over long distances on foot, finding my way through forests and mountains using compass and a map. The image below shows me and my friend Anna during the team orienteering competition called Icebug 24 back in 2012. We had a great time and after 21 hours and almost 120km, we finished 3:rd in the mixed class.

Linus and Anna during Icebug 24



Interaction & Haptic Designer at Apple; February/March 2016 – Present

Interaction Designer at KISKA GmbH; October 2014 – December 2015

Co-Tutor for University Projects through KISKA; Spring 2015

Swedish Higher Education Authority; 2013-14
Student representative and board member evaluating design and crafts educations in Sweden.

Visiting lecturer for external courses at UID; 2011-12

Citymove Interdesign; 2010
All over the world, cities have to move due to natural or man made reasons. So how do we relocate people and societies in a positive way? This was one of many questions we addressed in this first stage of workshops. I was also part of the team providing a creative foundation leading up to the 2 week interdesign with 40 participants from all over the professional world.


Velvet Creative Alliance; 3 months 2012
Whilst in Tallinn, I worked on business and communication projects concerning graphic identity, information structures and their layers of interactions. During the initial stages I took a lead role in ideation and bringing concepts from early drafts into cooperation with front end developers.

IDEO Münich; 6 months 2011
I was primarily involved in projects within the finance and automotive sectors. I worked in teams of experienced designers on projects that were near implementation. Prototyping and developing my user interface toolsets, contributing to very real products.

BAE Systems Hägglunds; 9 weeks 2009, letter (Swedish)
Hägglunds makes vehicles for armed services and mining. I worked on interior concepts and storage gear. My time in their facilities gave me the opportunity to develop my thoughts on what is seen as grey zones of design.

Permobil; 3 weeks 2007, letter
I contributed to their in-house design team in developing seat concepts and remote emergency switches for electric wheel chairs.

FIAT; 3 weeks 2004, letter
At FIATs Advanced Design department I helped with presentations and smaller concepts. Staying in Turin and meeting experienced designers such as Roberto Giolito before I headed into the field of design showed valuable.



Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Interaction Design; Umeå Institute of Design. (2010-11 & 2013-14)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Industrial Design; Umeå Institute of Design. (2007-10)

Vocational education, Wood Design and Product Development; High Coast Wood Academy. (2005-07)



Volunteer at the Design Research Society Conference in Umeå 2014

Workshop responsible at UID 2010 & 2013

Student representative in the UID institution board 2009-10

President of the UID design student union 2007-08

Organizer of events like Toppturshelgen, a ski mountaineering competition, 2013.

Volunteer field worker in the arctic fox project during the summer 2012-14.



  • Konst i Kvarn, 2013
  • Stockholm art salon, 2013 (Awarded Kreatimas scholarship)
  • Storytelling night and display of a series of sketches at Ricklundgården, 2013
  • Konst i det gröna, Luleå 2012
  • UID Degree show, Umeå 2010
  • High Coast Wood Academy Show, Kramfors 2007
  • Silvermuseet, Arjeplog 2002
  • Konst i det gröna, Boden 2001



Kreatima Art Scholarship
Kreatima is a store funded in 1940, dedicated to providing creative professionals with tools and materials. Their scholarship is handed out at Stockholm art salon every year.

Brita-Stina Nordenstedts Scholarship
The Brita-Stina donation supports promising projects within design. In my case for Open Sesame, my MFA project on doors and haptics.



Visuals have always been a great part of my life, and especially expressing myself through painting. I am fascinated with how I remember things, and what I bring from a situation.

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